Bringing Crazy Back to the Backcountry

While Travelblog is a wonderful home for our international travels we needed a new place for the next chapter of Crazy we think we’re entering into. We noticed last fall that our 3-year-old was suddenly willing and able to hike 5 miles. Somewhere in there we talked about doing the John Muir Trail some day and that quickly became a desperate need to get back into our backpacks ASAP. The Wonderland Trail jumped out as something that maybe, with a lot of medication and deep breathing, we might be able to bribe the kids around. I mean really, it’s only 93 miles.

We dove head-first into our 1200 square foot gear emporium and started digging out the old backpacking gear which, since our 8-year-old was born, has largely become a spider-infested compost pile.  She and I had been out on two overnight trips in the past two summers which were awesome reminders of What I Love and led to tiny discoveries about backpacking with a child. It was also a reminder that my gear is old, smelly, and in the case of my beloved ancient Whisperlite, a bomb waiting to go off.

This blog will be dedicated to the tales of taking our kids Out There, not only on family backpacking death-marches but also documenting the rafting and hiking that we have done with them for years and what we have learned from those experiences.  There will be gratuitous jumping pictures.  Who knows, maybe Someone out there will find it marginally useful or inspiring as they too decide their once-mobile and adventurous lives don’t have to be re-explored only when the kids bounce off to college.  More likely, if I’m writing it honestly, it may serve as a dire warning to just stay home and vacuum.

We are not uber-adventurers, just semi-rad parents that don’t feel like retiring the idea of doing what WE love to do because we happen to have kids that (occasionally) don’t always have the same Idea for their weekends.  We’ll admit our failures, carry on about our successes, put in disclaimers when there was lots of crying and yelling, and review gear that sucks or doesn’t suck.

And it will evolve from there.

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6 thoughts on “Bringing Crazy Back to the Backcountry

  1. Chuck

    Alisa, I presume that you are familiar with EverClear, but just in case–it can’t be beat in terms of efficiency, light weight (totally dehydrated), won’t go bad like wine, can be useful in case of snake bites and tick infestations. Tastes great when mixed with old snow and lime crystals. You know.

    • it’s a good point you make Chuck. i think i’ll pour some everclear into the fruit roll-up tray of my dehydrator and make everyclear roll-ups. we may be onto something here. 🙂

  2. Chuck

    Let me know how that works out. My deep science and chemistry history suggest to me that your thinking is flawful here, but who knows… I’ll buy into the franchise if it works.

  3. wow I wish my parents were as outdoor as you two! i’ve never been to a mountain until I was 17! now I go camping all the time with friends. best discovery ever

  4. I think it’s great that your getting your kids involved and outdoors instead of stuck infront of the TV.
    Enjoying your blog very much! Hope your enjoying your adventures.

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