Gear Review – The Osprey Jib for kids

The Osprey Jib – A Serious Backpack for Kids

I’m not sure why companies like Osprey make real backpacks for kids.  I don’t imagine that the quantities sold can justify the R&D and production but maybe I’m wrong.  Whatever reason they have for doing it, I am grateful because there is nothing that will submarine a backpacking trip with a kid faster than a crappy pack on their backs.

If you’re thinking about taking your kid backpacking here is my advice: get them a REAL backpacking pack, not a suped-up book bag, not a Justin Bieber Walmart special…buy something made by a company that makes the backpacks that YOU would wear.

The Osprey Jib and Ace are essentially full-featured, miniature versions of an adult pack with a frame, contoured air space to keep the pack off of your kids’ back, and a hipbelt that is real, adjustable and essential.  It has a whistle built into the sternum buckle (important for any hiking kid), a built-in rain cover and a stuff-it pouch handy for that stuffed animal that is coming along whether you approve it or not.

It’s lightweight, tough, well-designed and my kid likes wearing it.  Thumbs up, Osprey.

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3 thoughts on “Gear Review – The Osprey Jib for kids

  1. I am proud to say that I had to look up how to spell Bieber.

  2. alenlund

    Great advice. We have a small travel (I think it is Columbia brand) backpack that my husband wants my daughter to use but I may have to revisit this discussion because with the list of things he wants her to carry we may need to get her something more serious! Thanks for the great read and suggestion. And thanks for sharing this on the camping link up at Greening Sam and Avery!

    • that’s funny – i think the pack my now 8 year old took on our first backpacking trip was a columbia book bag. we only did that once. the whole thing with getting a kid a real pack, if the money exists to do it, is that it will carry whatever gear they’re asked to carry much more gracefully than a book bag, it gives them a cool piece of gear to look forward to wearing and, hopefully, it will keep the weight on THEIR backs longer instead of yours. Osprey is a great company (the packs used to be made here and they are still headquartered here) and the Jib is a really well-made, very well thought-out piece of gear. thanks for letting me crash your blog! it’s a great central point for info…nice work.

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